Group driving according to rules makes the motorcycle tour safer!

  1. You are responsible for your own speed and compliance with the traffic rules at all times, including to the others in your group. If the person in front of you is driving too fast for you or if he does not obey the traffic rules, do not overestimate you and do not try to follow him, but rather let the distance to him increase. Always keep enough distance from the tour guide when driving, as unexpected maneuvers (braking, turning) can occur in front of traffic lights and junctions.

  2. The slowest goes behind and not directly behind the tour guide. So everyone has fun and the slowest person doesn't have to constantly drive with the feeling that he is holding everyone up. At every intersection at which it is not clearly possible to continue (a kinking priority road is clear), the tour guide waits so that the group can come together again.
  3. If eye contact with your successor is broken at an intersection with an unclear further course of the tour and the tour guide has not waited, at least you wait for the rest of the group: the tour guide will notice his mistake and turn around. If you lose contact with the person in front and do not know the way at an intersection with an unclear course of the tour, please wait until someone comes back and do not continue in any direction alone. Remain available to call the tour guide by phone (see no. 9 below) or contact the tour guide by mobile phone.

  4. In town or on routes with many branches, the group should definitely stay close together: Please pay attention to the person behind you. If it stops, if it flashes to the right or if it honks twice, you must do the same. 

  5. At slow speeds, e.g. B. in urban areas, in the area of traffic lights or out of town with slow traffic, as well as when driving on the motorway we drive side by side. The tour leader drives on the left in front and the other drivers behind alternately on the right and left. The more compact driving style should make it possible to make better use of green phases, for example, so that the group is not torn apart. Orientate yourself with regard to the safety distance with the driver driving in front of you on your side. At the same time, you must not come too close to the driver driving diagonally in front of you. In particular, he owns the room next to him, unless he has already stopped, then line up next to him if possible.

  6. In principle, the order of the drivers remains the same. Please do not overtake within the group: Please make note of the person in front of you and your successor - because someone gets lost faster than you think. If necessary, the order can be changed during breaks by arrangement.
  7. When overtaking, always pay attention to the traffic rules and sufficient distance within the group. In particular, orientate yourself according to the situation, your own possibilities (motorcycle, driving experience and skills) and if in doubt it is better not to overtake so as not to endanger yourself or others. In particular, if you overtake someone in front of you, it doesn't mean that you have enough. If the situation allows, you can keep to the right after overtaking in order to give a subsequent overtaker more space to cut in for a short time.

  8. Free driving: By announcing the tour guide, driving in the group can be canceled for a certain time, e.g. for passes with few branches. The group leader will inform you of the next meeting point where the group will meet again.

  9. The tour leader provides essential information about the tour before the trip (mobile phone number, destination, ...).

  10. Before leaving after each break, the tour guide checks that everyone is ready to drive. If the group is very large, the overview can quickly be lost. Please support your tour leader and let him know if you are missing a group member.

  11. Please always fill up your tank before the tour: The tour guide plans the refueling stops for the group approx. Every 200 km. If you notice during the journey that you cannot get further than 75 km and the last refueling stop is less than 125 km ago, please contact the tour guide so that he can stop at the next gas station.

  12. Always ensure the fitness of yourself (safety clothing, fit, sober, without drugs and medication) and your vehicle (road safety, especially tires, brakes and lights).