To cure the "travel bug" take a motorbike tour!

Me and the gang (fellow bikers) …


Who am I

The Sputnik biker "Axel".
I have the "DRD4-7R gene" and therefore I'm a passionate motorcycle rider who already owns all the countries of Europe
driving / driving.
From Iceland to Malta and from Portugal to Siberia!
And now Australia too.

My motorcycles

1973-1982 = SIMSON Mokick “star”(red) 1982-1991 = SIMSON Mokick “S51E” (green)

1991-1993 = KAWASAKI “GTR 1000” (white)

1992-1994 = KAWASAKI “GTR 1000” (black)

1994-2004 = BMW “K 1100 LT SE” (grey)

2004-2009 = BMW “R 1150 blanks” (black)

2009 ......... = BMW “R 1200 gs ADV.” (red)

2018 ......... = YAMAHA XT  660 ZA (silver)


Current projekt

2018 - Hirschfeld Tour?
2019 - Chile ?

202? - Canada ?

The start of the motorbike passion was this Kawasaki by Peter at Lake Balaton

"Trailer" from my one-hour Motorcycle Adventure Australia movie

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